Today, you are a member of… The ArkElf

fakeCarny slang has a way of being both self-evident yet so whack that it’s hard to tell exactly what your mouth is doing. Take the term “kayfabe” – origin unknown, but generally cited as a descriptor for cooperative industry effort to present the fake as real to the delight of the masses, especially when it pertains to that lofty abomination, Professional Wrestling. Sure it’s fake, predetermined, and contrived, but maaaaan is it fun to watch, you never know what will happen! It’s the old wink and nod and aerial crossbody manuever that is suspended disbelief. Of course, if you suspend disbelief long enough it will consider itself too cool for school and start hanging with the wrong crowd, maybe take up smoking and develop a taste for malt liquor. Point is, the real and the fake are both four letter words, a coupling as co-dependent as the beautiful and the damned. This week, make sure you get both enough madness to make the divinest sense and enough head check to be visionary lest you lose out on that world championship belt.

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