Today, you are a member of… The Beard

beardBeards are of interest this week members. Beyond being a staple of men’s fashion and a blue euphemism, beards are, quite simply, the best way to front. Not only are beards way cheaper than plastic surgery but they allow some degree of individuality and flair when trying to either 1. avoid presenting what really is or 2. avoid revealing deviations from whatever norms of is are out there. And, this week, if you put enough effort into your fronts, you might find them exploding into earmarks of rebellion, flipping the bird to the oughts of is and changing the very nature of that which is meant to remain hidden. So whether you are bucking culture’s recent hairless boy wonder bent with a ZZ top alternative or growing into a nice pair of muttenchops with the dignified candor of a bearded lady, front it up for the beard boom bonanza.

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