Today, you are a member of… The Beat

Hello Members, I’m John Philip Sousa. Welcome in all its finery to March. Coincidence not that March has Spring, and no shortage of dynamic rhythm. Indeed, its a month with a madness in its relentless 4/4 snare beat, fugues of fife flourishments, and demands for a fidelis most constant. And yet the best formations never fail to notice that even the most martial of music can hold cadences specific to a single heatbeat. So whether you are clocking the manic 120-beat clip of Napoleanic les guerres de revolutions,running like a flick-flocking Italian gang, getting your emperor on in a Japanese gunka-rooted Koshin, oompa-pa-ing onward at the German 110 beats, or zenithing in an American quick tempo, enjoy the open air, countermelodies, and liberation of multiple key changes. Stay peppy now.

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