Today, you are a member of… The Beautiful Eyeball

Here’s to celebrities, members. Those marauding, maniacal, socially-condoned insaners who trick us into silliness with their appeal. No doubt that silliness will triple this week, what with Halloween and the ample opportunity to emulate these, our living dead. But why not forego the costumed obvious and honor instead the patron saint of the beautiful and the difficult to understand: Federico Fellini. Before he made his grand exit on Halloween 1993, he spent a lifetime gazing out at the constellation of past, present and conditional that makes up La Dolce Vida. So, sure, be something else this Halloween season, but make it something surreal & important like a question dressed in an impeccable suit or a beautiful eyeball staring up at all there is to see atop a fine bed of Italian greens.

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