Today, you are a member of… The Color Donut

x(u,v) = (R + r cos v) cos u y(u,v) = (R + r cos v) sin u z(u,v) = r sin v
x(u,v) = (R + r cos v) cos u
y(u,v) = (R + r cos v) sin u
z(u,v) = r sin v

Like the movies, this medium touts a pantheon of corporate creators – giants, if you will, towering among home-grown flora and fauna.  Strategically similar to Paramount’s and MGM’s motto of “keep ‘em coming back for more,” Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts make money by telling us what we like over and over, and we, more often than admitted to at parties, don’t bother looking any further. Members know, however, that the best donuts aren’t the sugary ones churned out at the rate of a million specimens an hour by kings of commerce but those of a more metaphysical origin and unique frequency – speeding about in your car in circles or loitering in a lab hoping for the Direct Observation of the Neutrino Tau.  Practice going round and round in three-dimensional space this coming week, members.  If undertaken in proper member fashion, you may find that by the time you vote next Tuesday your two dimensional orbital rotation will evolve into a donut-shaped surface of revolution.  Torus Tuesday here we come!

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