Today, you are a member of… The Coney Island Question

How do you like your ya-yas, members? Upscale, high-rise, and blingy or cheap, low- brow, and carney? Each variety of thrill has its pitfalls and benefits, a place for rich and poor. The scrubbed soullessness of money is easy on the eyes while the rotting decay of nostalgia is easy on the heart. In a gleaming mall, a kid from the projects can enjoy a clean, well-lit place (at the risk of being arrested for loitering) while in a run-down amusement park, Daddy Warbucks can slum it back to reality (at the risk of being mugged). But, like anti-matter and matter, both types of delight can’t occupy the same space. Hence, the question Coney Island faces from the demolition-happy Thor Equities is not unlike the one waiting for you this week: Where are your cyclonic mobs now? Don’t let the presumed apathy get you down, however. Sure, the throngs may be lazing on the beach, but odds are, if threatened with a hammer, they will storm the boardwalk.

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