Today, you are a member of… The Day The Technology Died

radioshackThe multiplex equipment carrying the smallest number of channels in the heirarchy [sic] of digital multiplexers is called the primary multiplex. In the US network, the primary multiplex signal is called the DS-1 signal, and the transmission system is called the T1 digital carrier system. A frame in the T1 system consists of 193 bits. The first bit is used to establish the beginning of the frame (the framing bit). Following it are 192 bits comprising 24 code words of eight bits each. There are 8000 samples a second and each one generates a code word; therefore, a code word occurs every 125 microseconds. Sounds complicated, yes? And that shit’s from 1983. Well this week, Members, as you navigate the insane, technologos birth / death cycle in the age of operating systems and apps, remember that whenever shedding this microchipped coil it’s always best to climb and to climb by strategy rather than storm.

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