Today, you are a member of… The Evolution of a Glyph

glyphMathematicians, as they are wont to do, have a little game they play with numbers, an activity known in some octagons as ‘Flavius Sieving’ – brought to light in 1955 by poindexters named Gardiner, Lazarus, Metropolis, and Ulam. It’s an end game scenario whereby numbers are eliminated at rational intervals and after repeating ad infinitum said death match expellations, the last integers left are considered Lucky Numbers. Of this list, only those numbers which are evenly divisible solely by themselves and 1 hold the prestigious moniker of Lucky Prime. And what’s the first lucky prime, members? 3. That magic number. And while it may feel like none can have misery loftier than yours in this here march into the third month of the year it’s colossal, rest assured: the sequence is but that which leaves you standing, lucky and prime.

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