Today, you are a member of… The Executive Branch

You’re as fit as a bull moose, Members. So this week, in celebration of that great repetition without sameness, why not hold office. Yes, that’s right: administer, head, command, ambassador, legislate (or veto) and generally execute all it takes to get shit done. Sure you have to answer to a volatile constituancy, party thugs, the gaping abyss of unreason that is the current 4th estate, the widening distance between your youthful goals and your hard-won maneuvering savvy, as well as totally batshit events. But if you get to feeling like a duck in a cast or a pol without a party, and some jackass assassin tries to keep you from saying your piece, remember the resounds of TR: “Don’t you make any mistake. Don’t you pity me. I am all right. I am all right and you cannot escape listening to the speech either.” In short, if in doubt, stump on and your huzzuh is assured.

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