Today, you are a member of… The Exoglossum Example

We like tools, members. Objects that help us shape our environment make us feel powerful and afford us a degree of energy conservation that we then use for more intellectual pursuits, like playing pong. And this week, members, best to whittle, smooth, and sculpt your environment any way you can. Consider as your guide Exoglossum Maxillingua, a creature of the Cyprindae family. This fish is so named for what appears to be a three-lipped jaw, the lower most of which males use to move stones into beautiful constructs that turn into hot minnow love nests. Hence its name, the Latin redundant “outside tongue, jaw tongue.” So in the coming week, before reaching for a wrench or firing up the power saw, effect change in your surroundings via the Exoglosssum Example: get lippy and use that tongue. You may find yourself moving the world at large into patterns that can figuratively–or literally–get you some.

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