Today, you are a member of… The Glaborati

robot2Good advice, yes members? It says, hey man, give that autonomic, programmable, multipurpose manipulater a little space, it has tasks to perform. But since Isaac Asimov only established the Three Laws of Robotics for his robot characters to rail against or to illustrate their inherent conflicts, such counsel inspires a pressing need to avoid the Terminator. Well members, this week the robots are coming. To your head. As such your noggin will be in overdrive, computing at super speed. High efficiency, yes. Stellar capacitor strength, sure. But there’s the little fact of robot etymology. Coined by Josef Capek and promulgated in his brother Karel’s play entitled R.U.R. – the word robot2 comes from the Czech word robota for serf labor/grunt work. So in order to avoid any repetitive motion injury this week, letter your labor with a little more glitter and a little less autopilot.

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