Today, you are a member of… The Heterodyne

thereminThe sound of a 1000 theremins. Creepy, right? Like a sci-fi film black hole. The physics behind the theremin is even more spooky, an electric math alchemy that’s almost impossible to imagine. With the theremin, there is no contact with the instrument only interaction between frequencies, so that two new frequences are created with each interaction, one at the sum of the two original frequences and one at the difference. So for 1000 theremins that’s 2000 original frequences and 4000 new frequences. All adding up to a beautiful, eerie wall of sound that would make Robert Moog proud. This week, the math is with you, even though the situation is weirder than you imagined. So put on your best Clara Rockmore face, fire up the old oscillator and mix it up.

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