Today, you are a member of… The Holiday High Spot

Before the roid-pumped, sprawl of World Wrestling Entertainment and its “integrated media” brand subsidiaries RAW/SMACKDOWN!/ECW, before there was Mankind, Ric Flair or even Hulk Hogan, before the now ubiquitous bit of choreography best described as “folding chair ambush,” there was the golden age of wrestling, dear members, stretching like a vast dazzling unitard from the 1940’s to the 1960’s. And among the icons of that era one finds a collosal teletrifecta suitable for emulation. Consider Legendary Luchadore, El Santo (neé Rodolfo Guzman Huerta), whose appearances in 52 films and an eponymous comic book series testify to the appeal of his superheroic celluloid image. Or the once run-of-the-mill ring man born George Wagner who reinvented himself as Gorgeous George, the most audacious and flamboyant grappler television ever saw. Not to be forgotten is Andre Rousimoff the Giant, the man who transformed acromegaly from disorder to assett and so impressed the spectacle’s form that eventually the filming technique used to emphasize or exaggerate the height of wrestlers became known as the “Andre Shot”. So this week, if the turkeys start to get you down, remember this: there’s something saintly, gorgeous, and giant about you, member. Even if it’s a moment of kayfabe worthy of the greats, wrestle that bird to the mat and smile for the camera.

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