Today, you are a member of… The Land of Nod and Physics

albrightWhat kind of subatomic particle are you, dear member? It’s a serious question, one that Madeleine Albright thought about constantly, no doubt, as she served under Clinton as Secretary of State. Some days, dollars to donuts she envisioned herself as standard and known, a photon able to mediate even the strongest electromagnetic jerk. Other days, bets are she got up, looked in the mirror and saw a Charm Quark–relatively massive and basic to all matter(s). Venture to say, she rarely felt Quarkonium–half cocked (or rather, half-integer spun), and flavorless–it’s just not in her character. Mostly though, she carried herself as a Higgs Boson, mythical and sought after, to which admirers and enemies alike built gigantic collider temples for the singular and sole hope of catching a glimpse and observing her. This week as you get your spin on and interact with the universe, dream a little dream of power and physics alá Albright, and allow your quantum mechanics to provide you with some atomic mojo.

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