Today, you are a member of… The Lift

Physicists are always going on about how weak a force gravity is, how it just doesn’t have the chops of Nature’s other fundemental interactions, Electromagnetism, Strong Nuclear Force, and Weak Nuclear Force. Eminent truths of physics not withstanding, members know that gravity, in fact, can be one hell of a whale, a mighty beast out of which people make whole careers simply by going out and defying it. Yet one need not go Ahab when faced with the author of black holes, galaxial swarm, and the red-shifting universe. Simply take a ride in an elevator to join the ranks of those resisting the drag of mass with ascent or calibrating their descent autotronically so they indeed get off on the right floor. This week, whether you go up or down, remember that elevatoring–much like Atlas–is there to give you a lift.

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