Today, you are a member of… The Nelson Constant

This week Willie Nelson turns 75 members. That’s just the latest in his numerlogical wizardry. Consider a few of his other astounding digits: 10 Grammys, 7 children, 4 wives, and 1 Martin N-20 nylon string acoustic guitar he calls Trigger with a strum hole so big you could fit a choir through it. On the more infamous side, there’s his 16.7 million IOU to Uncle Sam (it’s paid off). If, in good Pythagorean form, you add up all these numbers then add together the digits of the sum, you get the humble number of 30, the date of his birth. This week if you’re feeling all over the map, just remember the Nelson Constant: A life lived long enough comes around and goes around so may as well just get in your tour bus and go.

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