Today, you are a member of… The Nitty Vinyl Gritty

WaylonConsider this, Members: amid the blinding bling-bling and Trump Tower Beehives there exists an echo of a voice that tells it like it honky-tonk is. With a performance straight outta 1974, Waylon Live takes exception to the rules of the oughts by wailing a hymn that’s both a challange and lament to civiliation and its discontents: On a Greyhound bus/Lord I’m travelin’ this morning/I’m goin’ to Shreveport and down to New Orleans/Been travlin’ these highways/and doin’ things my way/It’s been making me lonesome orn’ry and mean/. It’s surely a message from your past dear members: You go on being orn’ry; just make sure you have the color pencil drawing album art to back it up. Outlaws gotta have a bit of Idol in them to be heard.

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