Today, you are a member of… The Perfect Gift

LightNo, it’s not a Williams And Sonoma fondue set or expensive booze or the baby jebus or (another) genetic combination of Brangelina or a Led Zeppelin box set or a Nintendo Wii. It’s light, members, glorious squeal-inducing LIGHT. And for those members in the Northern Hemisphere, it starts coming back as soon as today. With the passing of the winter solstice the days will once again creep back into lighted stretches of existence with sunsets that occur after we get out of work. As for you Summer Soltice members in the Southern Hemisphere, the coming lack of light can be the perfect gift as well, an opportunity to hunker down and do some reading in the warmth of the good old electric sun. Either way, this week is the time to gear up, switch on (or off) and get on with a little sun-worshipping reverie.

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