Today, you are a member of… The Road to Greatness

bqeRobert Moses or Atlas, members? Which has more to do with what’s going on this week? Both got their powers, their weaknesses. As czar of the Triborough Bridge Authority, Robert Moses squashed New York City in the palm of his hand, molding it into an urban planned, car infested, suburban epicenter that it is today. Legend has it that while Moses built the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, he took an office that overlooked the construction and often could be seen standing in the window and staring down upon the earth and machines he moved. Yet just like its creater, the BQE has a significant flaw: no shoulders, no place to break down. When it comes to those indespensible attributes we got Atlas, the Greek Titan who holds the world up on his brauny scapulas, keeping chaos at bay, inspiring us to shoulder the most legendary of burdens. But if Ayn Rand knows shit from shinola, Atlas can shrug too. And mythically speaking, he did try to pawn off the job on Hercules. So which is it, members? The master builder or the god? The no-frills of harsh, human, unbending will or the reluctant shouldering of penultimate responsibilty? In the week ahead, best be able to exhibit a little bit of both.

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