Today, you are a member of… The Rule of Thumb Over Forefinger

Back on November 18, 1963, when dreamlands of the future still involved highly stylized aerodynamic jet packs, Bell Labs introduced the Touch Tone phone, thereby signalling the beginning of the end for the index finger dominance in telecommunication digit choice. Sure, it took a few more generations until the phone shrank into our hands, the size optimal for running the world with our opposable thumbs, but really, it was all there in the 4×4 matrix and Goertzal Algorithm decoding. So this week, with its turkeys and occupations and pack mentalities of all ilks, remember that button-pushing can be revolutionary but it can also increase the rate at which you dial wrong numbers. Your options in said situation: hang up and try your call again, or ask the stranger on the other end of your ear if their refridgerator is running.

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