Today, you are a member of… The Running

Dear Members, upon you is a week of large scale metaphory and thunderous realities, a week filled with the din of indirect elaboration, a week with far too many obligations and a mere seven days to accomplish what they demand. My advice to you as you claw your way into November, is to not shy from the maw of duty but instead make that fearsome insurmountability your cape, your cloak, your daggar, your ally and your transport. In a week with both a marathon and election, an aftermath and a forward, TR asks for more than that which fickle-fingered magistrates perfunctorily bureaucratizing a nation can offer, more than the sating trickery of greed; more than a political vacuum. No, TR demands nothing less than the sinew of the public, active and strong, in the running for all its worth. Now get the hell out there.

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