Today, you are a member of… The Shill

shillGet ready for a week of wacked out shills, dear members. If the present omens are any indication, efforts to make you buy things are going to come in colossally bizarre packages. Whether it’s Mikhail Gorbachev going ad mad for Louis Vuitton bags (looking worried as he hurdles through a graffittied neighborhood in a limo with the merch) or Tony Bennett thanking Target in his Emmy acceptance speech (the only thing more godless would be if he thanked god), best for you to remember the origins of the word ‘shill’. It comes from name George Shillibeer, the founder of the first UK busline who would employ plants to ride his busses so others would follow suit. So this week, when finding youself attracted to coyly novel advances for your hard earned cash, drawn to insanely cheap department store wares or high priced shoulder bags, remember: it’s just the bus. It may be magic, but often it’s too damn much.

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