Today, you are a member of… The Supreme Command of Euclidian Space

wrightsFlying is simple as X, Y, Z members. That’s what the Wright Brothers said. Control an object’s roll (x axis), pitch (y axis), and yaw (z axis) and you turn gliding into flying. While other inventors built big fat engines or outrageously large wings, the Brothers banked on human capacity to master three-axis control. Although the brothers agreed that wing warping via pilot control was key, they did differ on the manner in which said pilot reigns over elemental rotation. Wilbur liked streamlining; his control stick managed wing warping and rudder action via a centralized swivel flange while Orville opted for specificity, running wires directly from the control stick to the rudder and the wings. This week demands you get lift, members. So pull a Wilbur and simplify or an Orville and exactify. Doesn’t matter which method you prefer. They both fly and put you in supreme command of Euclidian space.

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