Today, you are a member of… The Syndicate

Maybe you’re the new station manager with jeans so tight, they’d make a BeeGee blush; Maybe you’re the “Big Guy” who really is just a figurehead, and really, that’s fine by you; Maybe you’re a Ph.D. in booger radicalism and an audience of millions; Maybe you’re the reporter with invisible walls and ubiquitous bandages; Maybe you’re the blond bomshell with brains enough to say, firmly and with aplomb, “I don’t serve coffee”; Maybe you’re the star talent outfitted in cape & cane finery; Maybe you’re the awkward associate with Annie Hall adorableness; Maybe you’re the ad exec with a heart of plaid; Maybe you’re Moms Moneybags who runs the show off-set; or maybe, Members, you’re the signal just trying to get the hell out of Cincinnati. Whatever your part in the whole, you’re in the syndicate this week so you may as well nail it.

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