Today, you are a member of… The Triple Threat

ILA1May 6, 1856 probably was a fine spring day in Austria-Hungary when, unto the unsuspecting world, a man name Sigmund Freud experienced the birth canal and because of it, bore his intellectual children, The Id, The Ego, and The SuperEgo. Before that day 151 years ago, we didn’t have The Want, The Could, The Should. We didn’t have cigars that were just cigars. We didn’t have a fabulous defense mechanism schematic with which to organized our neurosis. The unconscious was just a deep sleep, not the fomenting depths of a potential sublimation. Sex had nothing to do with, say, stealing office supplies. And there were no archetypal chaise lounges on which to rest our inflated heads for a good shrinking. So, this week, as your Id demands, your SuperEgo chastises and your Ego negotiaties, wish the triple threat a happy birthday, make all three wear party hats, and give ’em what they want most: a little attention to history and a jump in the pleasure principle.

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