Today, you are a member of… The Welcome Mat

welcomeThere are plenty of ways to be welcomed, members – home, aboard, inside, to the big leagues, to the rest of your life, etc. But let’s face it, this is an era where, more often than not, the invitation is to that of a nightmare. So goes this week, members. You’ll find yourself in the clutches of a night fright that requires no less than an army of witnesses, if it’s to be shook. Such an army can be hard to find because truth is nobody really likes other people’s nightmares. Yet sometimes, if said terror is interesting enough, they’ll come on in for a looksie and lend a hand if it’s got a good beat and they can dance to it. So this week, if you got a ghoul and are in the market for a Linda Blair, bust out that top hat, add a flourish of face paint, and follow the lead Alice Cooper took back in 1975 on his breakout solo album and make that shit compelling. You’ll be puking pea soup and feeling better in no time.

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