Today, you are a member of… The Year of Snake Plissken

Even if you are not into the Chinese Zodiac, Members, it’s wise to keep aware of all varieties of forecasting. And this week, 2013 The Year of The Wheel also becomes 2013 The Year of The Snake. And whether you coil around it, bust out of it, or use all your cunning to terrorize adventurers named Indiana, best not lose your legs entirely in the matter. That’s why we Members need to alter the mythology a bit, and make it the Year of Snake Plissken. Sure you’ll surprise people you run into who thought you were dead and your efforts at presidential saves may be judged anti-heroic because you don’t allow dicks to keep their technological malevolence, but you’ll bag a Barbeau, have a best friend named Brain, and behind the eyepatch, you’ll have insights that no organized authoritarian power can touch.

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