Today, you are a member of… Think Mink

With the vast amount of assholes barnacled around the rhymmy, dead hull of civil service, it’s time to take action, Members. We simply cannot stand by idle and ersatz while the title of Filthiest People Alive gets handed over to flibberty-gibberty, fronting politicans whose only goal is to amass a landfill-sized pile of cash, on which to shit themselves silly, all the while selling to the idiotic consumer cows the hypberbollcally fucked-up lie that something will grow.

I, Connie Marble, am here to set the record straight: These ‘politicians’ are no more than the merest bipedal, captialist worms that have absolutely nothing to do with True Filth. The truely filthy know that, while most certainly Filthitude has a bottom, it never debases itself with a bottom line. To wit: Vade Moneta Phantasmas! Reverto tua insectum vagina! MY advice for you Members is to send a glitter-wrapped box of turds to all those money-grubbing shit-lettes impersonating the Filth Elite – or better yet, send a gross of used tampons. Let’s show these capitalist pigs costumed in their rotting politician skins that they know nothing of True Filth and that, in honor of Mink Stole’s birthday, we are going to show those pin-striped pinheads how highly mistaken their understanding of the Filth Army is! Amen.

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