Today, you are a member of… Throwing Pots

Most sports have patron saints, founding fathers, and first myths, Members, but how many have actual gods? Though a deity of beach volleyball seems suspect, not so for the sport and vocation of Sumo wrestling. Indeed this 2000 year-old emperoratic entertainment looks to one Nomi no Sukune, a human-born competitor, alive around the switch from BC to AD, as their tutelary for the take down. Though considered a god now, he was a potter back then. A badass potter. And this week, as the rice gets thrown, the grapplefest gets going, and mawashis get yanked, take on whatever megaweight is trying to push you out of the circle with the divinity of an atheist, and see it as just another pot to throw before getting back to business. After all, you have pyrometrics to burnish and crazing to pre-empt and a kiln that needs your attention more than dohyo-iri rituals.

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