Today, you are a member of … Time Trickery

brand new retro

You know what is amazing about ZZ Top, Members? They are like some futuristic trio of time tricksters.  They looked old when they were young, hence they look the same today as they did yesterday.   They had sly Gen X irony (what with Frank Beard’s beardless appearance) and transcended classic rock bro-dom’s aversion to synthesizers with Eliminator. They knew about and sported unabashedly trucker hat fashion at just about the same moment Millennials became zygotes. This, in combination with their surly face growth and propensity to repetition, make them veritable patron saints of hipsters. Point being, Members, if HG Wells taught us anything, it’s that, to travel through time, you have to sit still and allow the world to move around you. The trick is to accelerate that process and of course, not get stuck. So this week, Members, use whatever you got (enamoring physical features, wardrobe finery, or inexpensive eyewear), to get back to where you are going.

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