Today, you are a member of… Tweed Thievery

tweedhieverySteal that beat back, members! With the proliferation of gleethal musical theatre, remember that the The Black Crook is considered the first Broadway-based emotorama – a story where a central character named Hertzog steals souls for the Devil. And though at 75¢ a seat and 5 and 1/2 hour run time makes 1866’s dramatic-theater a better deal than the $150 ass-buckets of 2010s, thievery, it would seem, is central to Broadwayness. Like Broadway, you’ve got thievery in your week, but unlike the Great White Way, your job is to steal back something that was once yours, though you may half like the fact something else is its primary (though costly) keeper. In short, the beat, members, is all yours, but if you find it difficult to live without all those expensive belting crones, just imagine Boss Tweed flying out of every single flapping throat.

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