Today, you are a member of… Umbra Penumbra Punxsutawney

No, Members, shadows cannot predict weather patterns. Indeed, they “predict” that you have mass, to use the vernacular of physics. And, yes, you can say they give us a kind of a map into the psychic backwaters of unconscious, where the Id and C*H*U*D frolick like Dali-depicted antelope (if Carl Jung is to be believed). Sure we have formulas: Kolmogorov’s, Mironenko’s, psychotherapy. But no matter how many top-hatted whistle pigs you see, it will guarantee nothing as to the dynamisms of turbulent flow. So this week, don’t put climate on a rodent’s relationship to the fanfare, don’t let the mystery of atmospheric circulation be the boss of you, and remember: if you are a gnomen, no matter how long a shadow you cast, it means you in fact, have an elevation angle.

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