Today, you are a member of… Wave Not A Particle

Sure, Members, physicists have decided to call it a draw, going on and on about how, instead of breaking down their own laws, they’ll cede the wave/particle duality. When it comes to the rocket science of light, they give credit to both Isaac Newton’s particle-made universe and Christaan Huygens’ wavemania. Both sides have muscle – Descartes being a particle man and Maxwell riding the wave. But if, for a moment, we consider particles as having a lot in common with the Wendy Williams show, in that both are very hard not to watch (what with our eyeball-centric culture), and, conversely, waves are akin to the ocean that we pretend to know nothing about, then it becomes clear that this week – the last of the Year of Analog – requires less looking at what can be seen and more magnetic adaptibility with what isn’t so apparent. And though evolutionary optics and the Atomic Age’s quanta-demand might make getting your wave on difficult, the wavefont is waiting and it’s waaaaay more fun.

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