Today, you are a member of… Windows, Souls, Rants

Can rants encapsulated and homogenized into tiny electronic windows and surrounded by corporate advertising ever deliver the satisfaction provided by the physical all-out Howard Beal-induced type? What’s funner than screaming “I’m Mad as Hell and Not Gonna Take It Anymore” out your apartment window to shake the neighborhood out of its complacency? Or to put it another way, for those of you less inclined toward fictional TV messiahs, a full-on termagent screech sent through french doors and over a balcony (preferable in unison with your other, equally attractive neighbors) not only gives your fury the authority of fashion, but maaaaaan slamming can be sexy. And for those others of you, who find neither hollywood narrative nor branded product suitable places for moral argument, how about just finding another face in the universe and using the evolutionary skill of language to see what is behind it. So saddle up this week members, your tiny windows will seem too small the current bust-loose statuse of your prestidigitations.

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