Today, you are a member of… Yeeeeeeehaw

yeehawSaddle up, members, your holiday rodeo ride is about to come out of the gate. Sure you could see that writhing, angry bull under your ass as something of threat, an inevitable express ticket to face first in the dirt or your escort to a goring Sam Raimi could appreciate, but why get hung up on the cons of the matter? While you’re up there trying to stay on, think about those pros galore you got to get you through: an iron grip of oh yeah; a protective and fashionable anti-idiot flak-jacket; ten-gallons of psychic heat shade; a high-wire walker’s sense of what’s up and what’s very, very down. And, if all else fails, remember your venerable rodeo clown, the id in all of us there to distract the beast should you take a flying air slam. With such an arsenal, this week’s violent bucking won’t fling you too far a freak. After all, all rodeo riders hit the ground eventually; it’s just that some cowgirls and boys have better acrobatics than others.

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