Today, you are a member of… Your Iron Heart

Members: have you ever been shot? I thought not. I hope you never are. But, if, this week, an errant bullet set traject by a disturbed, armed saloon-man left bereft by current times manages to lodge one solid in your chest, I command of you as citizens and denizens of this most noble, fine nation to eschew any un-American, candyass crying and carry the fuck on. Yes, that’s right Members, you heard your 26th president and champion of all entities worthy of Bull Moose monikers. Keep that bullet close to your heart. Orate your eyeballs out. Gesticulate like a monkey set loose in Congess. There’ll be plenty of time afterward to let the doctors mince matters of metal, but in the mean time, don’t forego the moment to deliver your damn fine speech. And do remember: Progressive or not, never let them see you bleed.

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