Today, you are a member of… Your Programming Constructs

When and why did anyone start using the term ‘checksum’? Or ‘disk utility’? Or the ubiquitously morphed ‘hashtag’? And what if we started talking ONLY in programming language? Would we become suspicious of too many IsEmptys and Nulls? Would Hack become dogmatic and demanded Virtue? Would we dream in recursions and alogrhthms and occasionally about glowing Dhrystones that escape the dangers of compiler optimization? Would bit rot spur an interesting and artistic offshoot industry aimed at bit fermentation? Would all that object-orientation be easier to deal with rather than the messy, namining-collision norm that is humanity? Sure, your programming constructs emerged well before Atari brought out Asteroids, but this week members, maybe it’s time to clear the cache and use whatever strings you have left for activites that are distinctly non-aliased.

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