Today, your are a member of … Hiatus

Cleveland Airport Opening By Anthony Celebrezze Jr.

The word hiatus, Members, has several definitions of note. Aperture, Opening, Break, Gap, Yawn, Interruption…or even better, “a space from which something requisite to completeness is absent.” Yes, Members, er, the maybe three people that look at this website on a weekly basis even when not prompted by social media – your Membership Coordinator is going on hiatus.  Yearly Membership, of course, shall continue as long as my SKY480R6 laminator has some rock in its rolls, but for now, after nearly 16 years, the weekly updates are flying off in to the Aperture, so as to grant that text alchemy some space to find new keys to explode.  Enjoy the summer Members, and remember, all confetti is actually at least two dimensions larger than it looks.

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