Things I’ve Written

All them Witches: Solid Psych JuJu
at Perfect Sound Forever

Bob Log III: Hootenanny Incarnate
at Perfect Sound Forever

Dee Dee Warwick: Lost Soul Sister
at Perfect Sound Forever

Baby Face Willette: Hammond Heavyweight
at Perfect Sound Forever

Andre Williams: History and the Hustler
at Perfect Sound Forever

June Tyson: Illuminating the Eye of the Cosmic Needle
at Perfect Sound Forever

Nancy Dupree: Soul Poet Remembered
at Perfect Sound Forever

Things I Read When I’m Bored

Because nothing beats smart people keeping up on current events.
Ephemerphilia for the masses! Plus a damn find blog called “The Daily Bleat.”
Come for Rob Brezsny’s Pronoia, stay for the Horoscopes! If I was a pharoah, I so would want Rob as my oracle.

Artists I Like A Lot
Gravel from the gut, painting laid with muscle, view with your own free will.
Travel down the archtypal road of memory with Jeri Coppola’s photography, text-based illustrations, and sculpture. It may make you feel a little lonely, but never alone.
Oozy paintings of excremental hamburgers, meats, and the vague category “grotesques.” Need I say more?
He CRAZY. But he’s Juilliard-trained, brilliant, hearts Andrea Dworkin. Plus, he arpeggiates only when necessary.
All Sven, all the time and living up to the mantra: Fortune Favors the Bold. Don’t try to figure it out; if you do, you’re apt to find yourself coming to on plane heading to Carnival, clutching a mint copy of “Walking on Thin Ice” vinyl and wondering just where, exactly, that SLA tat came from.
Can quiet dignity and an obssessive eye go together? Hell yes. And the result is both meditative and sharp. Brooklyn’s finest.
Odd-eye photography and art where poetry is the lens through which to see the world

Craig Terlson
Check it out: words + pictures from the man mining honesty up there near the northern lights.