Today You Are A Member Of … Happy New Year 2022!

2022 The Year of Epizeuxis
2022 The Year of Epizeuxis

Hear ye! Hear ye!

2022 has a couple of options for you, Members.  It can be the same ‘ole, same ‘ole. Nothing new under the sun. Here we go again.  2022 can be the repetition of Automatica, akin to the Timequake from Kurt Vonnegut that shoved everyone from the year 2001 back into the gnarls of 1991 to repeat every single thing they did back when the Gulf War began, the Hubble Telescope launched with faulty mirrors, police brutality caused the LA riots, and there was waaaaay too much Guns ‘n Roses – without being able to change a single bit of it. That said, Members, you can go another route. You can go for repetition as Epizeuxis.  The repetition of something, not out of obligation, or inability to do otherwise, but for the sake of emphatic ingenuity, a repetition in order to he heard. The same way the repetition of the sun rising every morning presents –  though a repeat – a wildly differing repertoire.  Or the way you multiply something like “Mucho Mucho Amor!” by saying it aloud a lá Walter Mercado.  Or the way you can make it to Friday by mantraing “Sabado Gigante GIGANTE GIGANTE!” on Thursday.  Or the way every song we have ever loved has a verse-chorus-verse repeat which we will sing in the shower to no end. Reduplicate the hell out of 2022, Members. Epizeuxis is the only way out of Automatica.

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