Today You Are A Member Of … Happy New Year!

oof…and – onward! Ask yourself, members: is there something that you are able to pull off that, by all rights, should not work at all? For instance, are you able to rock a monocle? Or make heads turn with a distinctly alien shade of purple lipstick? Or, like the immortal Dr. Lonnie Smith, rig yourself out with a turban for singularly aesthetic (rather than religious) reasons? Your membership coordinator has such a magical ability to wear a blood red sweater with a pentagram so giant that Texans can see if from 4 states over, knitted by a mysterious, artistic Berliner named “Micky.”  Yes, we all have a secret, somewhat counter-intuitive charm that, whether we know it or not, is ours and ours alone. So in this here new year (finally!) flex those charms and stride out in the coming months in full command of that power. Sure, like a Fellini movie, it might not be understood at all times, but its optics will never fail to be magnetic. Whether bendy, or new, or charming, or fun or just odd and delightful, roll it out Members! Congratulations on making it to 2021!

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