Today, you are a member of … Axis Mundi


You know what we hairless monkeys are exceptional at, Members? Yes, remembering baseball stats is a good answer, but the best answer is simpler: snapping our fingers.  Like the lion’s roar and the cicada’s timbal grating, and we have a niche sound. The weird sonic eminence the comes from the press of a thumb to middle finger, followed quickly by the slide-slap of that middle finger to the palm is our percussive calling card.  Apokroteo, as the ancient Greeks like to call it, is a handy way to keep musical time. It’s also an obnoxious way to get someone’s attention.  This week, it’s a good time to remember that keeping time is exceptional whereas indicating you are the center of the universe is indicative of assholism.  After all, the center of the universe has its own unique sound: that of the deepest Bflat there is produced by a supermassive blackhole that doesn’t truck one bit our primate misconceptions.

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