Today, you are a member of… You Are Here

But just where the hell is that, members? Even more difficult to answer is, when the hell is that? Sure, October is an easy enough mark to find with all the Halloween decorations, but look closely, and you’ll detect a bit of prefix-position schizophrenia. Back when the Romans thought the time span between vernal equinoxes was 365.25 days, October constituted the eighth month of the year, hence the Octo. Unfortunately, that calculation is about 11 minutes shy of a full anno domini. So Julius Ceasar fudged it by adding a couple of months (named after him of course). in 1582 Pope Gregory XIII got all papal bull inter gravissimas and introduced the Gregorian Calendar that corrected for Nixonion gap in the emperor’s math with a recalibrated leap year, but didn’t see the reason to go reinventing the wheel, and left the incorrect names in place. So this week, if you feel an insane itch to correct past mistakes without getting too obsessive compulsive, or like eight is the new ten, or as Philip K. Dick often did, that the empire never ended, say “hey October, glad you’re here!”

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